I Voted!



Optimism plus…what?

A lot of hard work goes a little way. Wait, say what? Yup I remixed it. It’s possible that you can work on something that yields little to no result. Don’t believe me ask a handful of people. It’s possible to force something into being that just wasn’t meant to be. Hence the need to enjoy the journey cause chances are the imagined destination doesn’t exist. Continue reading

I Guess Now I Have to Say Something

The world’s reaction to ISIS is partly the fault of the Muslim community. We are witnessing the implosion of an entire religious group. A group rife with racism, cultural infringement, and classism. An old adage states the house fire started from a flame inside. Yes, the media is throwing firebombs but the foundation was corroding long before. Continue reading

Living the Single Life

It’s been awhile since my phone has sat silent. No buzz from a text, no blinking notification signalling a missed call. This is different. Since January 2015 I’ve been consistently dating. The longest I’d been single was three weeks. So now fall 2017 I’ve passed the three week mark of singledom and I’m contemplating on how to be single. Continue reading

Artsy Fartsy

Research shows that people who spend money on experience versus material items report as being happier.

On that note, we’re off to see the murals the most beautiful murals of all. Now I didn’t really have any expectations. I just wanted to see some art and what I got was much more. I took a little trip to The Sillos. A building that houses a multitude of varied artist producing art ready for purchase. It was a bit overwhelming. I’ve seen things of this kind in other cities but nothing of this size. Indeed everything is bigger in Texas because the first floor has over 20 creative work-spaces with staircases leading up to more.

Continue reading

Struggling to Support Small Business

Little by little I’m making the transition to buying all my groceries locally. This ish has been a struggle. For example, this week I went to a locally owned grocery store and attempted to purchase spices and dry foods. I couldn’t help but compare their prices to Walmart. In my head I calculated the price difference; twenty cents, a dollar fifty, seventy-five cents. Almost all of my items were more expensive at the locally owned grocer than the supermarkets. Continue reading